Basic Equipment

Mixing Console:          Amek Angela with Master Mix Automation
Analog Multitrack:       Otari MTR-90 II 24 track 2" Analog

Digital Multitrack:        Protools Mix Plus with two 888 converters, Motor Mix controller and G3 B+W computer
Hard Disk Editing:       Creamware Tripledat

DAT:                           Sony PCM-500
Nearfield Monitors:     Westlake BBSM-6
Main Monitors:           JBL 4430
Headphones:             Sony 7506
Outboard:                  Selection from BSS, Drawmer, Hof, Behringer, UREI
Effects:                      Selection from Yamaha, Lexicon, Roland, Digitech, Master Room
Microphones:            Selection from AKG, Shure, Senheisser, Groove Tubes, ADL, Audix

Pricing: On application.  Email: